Jan Brase

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23 Jan 2014

Jan Brase

RDA OAB Member

Executive Officer DataCite, Germany

Jan Brase has a degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science. He is Executive officer of DataCite a global consortium for enabling data citation. He is furthermore chair of the International DOI Foundation (IDF), President of the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) and Co-Chair of the CODATA Task group on Data Citation.


About DataCite

DataCite (http://www.datacite.org/) is an international organisation whose mission is to make research better by enabling researchers to find, share, reuse, and cite data. It engages researchers, scholars, data centers, libraries, publishers, and funders through advocacy, guidance and services.
DataCite has grown to 18 full members from around the world which work with data stewards that provide long-term archiving for data. As of 2013, DataCite members work with over 250 different data stewards to ensure that data sets are uniquely and persistently identified. Together they have assigned over 2,500,000 DOI® names.
DataCite's key services enable reliable persistent identification of data, especially through digital object identifiers (DOI names). Identifiers play an essential enabling role for citation, discovery, tracking usage, and ensuring that researchers get the credit that they deserve for the data that they produce and collect.


DataCite & RDA

We believe that research data is a global topic that needs global action and cooperation. Since the founding of the RDA, DataCite members have been active in the Organization Advisory Board Task Force of the RDA and in the RDA working groups on data publication, data citation, metadata and PID information types. There is a mutual overlap of interest in the work of the RDA and DataCite's goals, and both organisations have the clear focus to allow better access and re-use of research data on an international level. Both initiatives agree that this can only be achieved in open co-operation and harmonising of efforts.