Gretchen Greene, US National Institute of Standards and Technology

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31 Mar 2021

Gretchen Greene, US National Institute of Standards and Technology

Gretchen has worked at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the government national metrology laboratory, for the past 5 years where she provides leadership and technical engagement for the organizational research data systems. She is currently a Data Science Group Leader (manager) in the Material Measurement Laboratory, Office of Data and Informatics as well as a co-lead and project manager for the NIST Open Access to Research, a cross laboratory project initiative which promotes and builds research data infrastructure spanning across all research disciplines at NIST. Gretchen is currently serving as a new co-chair with the RDA Research Data Management in Engineering IG.

What is your history with the RDA and what impact has it had on you?

My serious engagement with RDA began in Botswana Plenary 12, yet I had followed RDA prior through outside observation and colleagues participation. At P12 I learned through the plenary sessions more about RDA, and also the collocated events, and things steadily grew from there. I joined groups my work aligned with, co-lead a BOF for RIDA (Research Interoperability for Data Analytics) and now serve as a co-chair for the Research Data Management In Engineering IG. The RDA has given me insights into the best community practices in research data and also allowed me to share my own real world experiences and get feedback. Since I now work for a multi-disciplinary research organization, RDA is professionally very beneficial to me given the collegial open exchange of diverse ideas yet importantly, there are tangible outputs (recommendations) guided by expertise which inform my work goals and priorities. Being involved in an organization which supports the integrity of data driven research is critically important to me.

What do you feel you bring to TAB and what is your experience so far in being a member?

I feel I bring a lot of experience from a career in building and leading research data systems, at varying scales of implementation, and I fully embrace there are common goals and new things to learn from an international diverse group of people. As a new member to the TAB, I’m seeing there is high integrity in the work the TAB members perform assisting groups and communications. I appreciate the good will of the TAB and generous efforts of members to support the RDA organizationally and liaison with groups to shepherd their goals. I very much look forward to meeting everybody in person!