Devika Madalli

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28 Jun 2021

Devika Madalli

Devika's work is focused towards data management, policies and infrastructure to ensure equitable access to data from the perspective of developing nations; building Synergies between and among RDA Interest and working groups with shared and/or complementary interests; Gender Sensitization and inclusiveness in all workflows and at all levels within RDA and its outreach programs; advocacy, liaison and sustenance of RDA; building capacities by forging effective collaborations among the members and member institutions of RDA and other renowned institutions and initiatives.


What is your history with the RDA and what impact has it had on you?


I have been involved with RDA right from its inception from Plenary 1 at Gothenburg. RDA for me has been quite an interesting journey in many ways. The main takeaway for me is what RDA is achieving by collective thinking and consensus. It is really amazing that RDA has a convening power that transcends any boundaries such as countries, domains and technology. It is transparent and inclusive and motivates its members to participate and go about their interests with confidence as it is truly community driven. Truly powered by people


What do you feel you bring to TAB and what is your experience so far in being a member?


The RDA technical advisory board is responsible for RDA content, guiding the work of working groups and interest groups. I have been on TAB for over 4 years and enjoy working with TAB colleagues and with the RDA community. While it is very interesting to guide the WGs and IGs as TAB liaison, it has been a learning experience being exposed to a myriad of brilliant new ideas that the groups come up with. Also the administrative part of TAB and its business has been lightweight and transparent with mechanisms for communication with the secretariat and council. As a TAB member, I have tried to interact with the community and to mentor groups as TAB liaison to facilitate their work. It is important to note that TAB workflows are designed to make the groups work better but in a way that motivates and builds confidence and consensus rather than as a regulatory body. I enjoy working with TAB colleagues and it's been a learning experience exchanging our ideas and working together at our fortnightly meetings.