Anna Maria Tammaro

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12 Nov 2016

Anna Maria Tammaro

Chair IFLA Section Library Theory and Research, Director of UNIPR CoLab Scientific Committee, Italy

Anna Maria Tammaro is teaching at the International Master in Digital Library Learning (DILL), joint international Master of Tallinn University and University of Parma. She is the Chair of the IFLA Section Library Theory and Research (LTR) and President of the Scientific Committee of the UNIPR CoLab Centre. Main interests in teaching and research are: Internationalisation of LIS education, Digital library, Data curation.


When: Day 1 - 14th November, Session 6: When I grow up I want to become a Data Curator, 16:30 - 17:30

Data curator: who is s/he?

Abstract. Is the theoretical foundation and knowledge base of LIS able to provide frameworks for data curation education? IFLA LTR Section has investigated the Data Curator profile and competencies and the present educational offerings. Is a librarian role? Findings show that Data curation is different from Librarianship. Issues evidenced include: low imagine of librarians not considered adapt for the task, knowledge of domain is necessary: recruitment for LIS should build on expertise in disciplines.

The challenge of educating data curators in the LIS programs is that LIS traditionally attracts students with humanities backgrounds, while more people with science education are needed to meet the needs of this new field.