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Eva Méndez

Eva Méndez holds a PhD in Library and Information Sciences (LIS) and is an expert in metadata. She is currently RDA ambassador for Interdisciplinary research. She defines herself in her Twitter profile as an ‘open knowledge militant’ (@evamen).

Michelle Barker: My experience as a participant in the RDA COVID-19 Working Group

"I am the director of the Research Software Alliance (ReSA), which facilitated the group. It was important to put forward some key practices for the development and reuse of research software to facilitate sharing and accelerate the production of results in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ReSA coordinated the participation of 45 community members, who were involved in writing the software chapter in very tight timelines."

Sa-kwang Song

I have been a professor at Dept. of Data and HPC Science at University of Science and Technology in Korea since 2014 and taught Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and so on.

Devika Madalli

Devika's work is focused towards data management, policies and infrastructure to ensure equitable access to data from the perspective of developing nations; building Synergies between and among R

Heikki Mannila

Heikki Mannila received his Ph.D. in computer science in 1985 from the University of Helsinki.

Gretchen Greene, US National Institute of Standards and Technology

Gretchen has worked at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the government national metrology laboratory, for the past 5 years where she provides leadership and technic

Stefaan De Mey

Dr. Stefaan De Mey is Eurisy’s Secretary General, responsible for Eurisy’s governance, permanent secretariat, and implementation of the Eurisy programmes including user support for uptake of satellite data and services, policy and operational research (2011-present).

George Strawn

George O. Strawn is currently the director of the Board on Research Data and Information at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine where he focuses on Open Science and FAIR data. Prior to joining the Academies, Dr.

Mingfang Wu

Dr. Mingfang Wu is a senior research data specialist at the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC).

Dr. Anthony Oko-Isu

Anthony is an exemplary scholar as well as a person of tremendous character with significant leadership skills.

Heikki Valkama

Heikki Valkama is a Finnish journalist. He works for Yle (national broacasting company), where he leads digitalisation and future team. Beside his dayjob, he writes colums, produces and hosts tv-shows. Valkama is also an author for several nonfinction and fiction books. Before working for the broadcasting company, he worked as editor-in-cheaf for several magazines.

Helen Glaves, British Geological Survey

Helen is a Senior Data Scientist at the British Geological Survey (BGS), with more than 30 years’ experience in marine geoscience and geoinformatics.

Kate MacCord

Kate became the Project Coordinator for the Center for Biology and Society at Arizona State University in August of 2013. In this position, she works to secure funding for and manage the products of digital and computational projects, such as the Embryo Project Encyclopedia (http://embryo.asu.edu/), the MBL History Project (http://history.archives.mbl.edu/), and the HPS Repository (https://hpsrepository.asu.edu/). In addition to her position as Project Coordinator for the Center for Biology and Society, Kate is also a PhD candidate in its history and philosophy of science track, with a research interest in the intersection between development and evolution

Alexander Törnroth

Alexander Törnroth leads Finland’s AI Accelerator (FAIA), one of the key actions of the national AI strategy Tekoälyaika.   

FAIA helps established companies deploy ai and serves a wide range of companies such as S-Ryhmä, Elisa, Alma Media, Yle, Amer Sports, Metso, Wärtsilä, Konecranes and Valmet.

Raphael Cóbe

Raphael Mendes de Oliveira Cobe studied Computer Engineering and holds a Ph.D. on Computer Science with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence. He accounts for over 15 years of experience on software development.

Kathryn Unsworth, CSIRO

For the month of August 2018, we are featuring Kathryn Unsworth, Outreach Librarian at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia. Kathryn is Co-chair of the Exposing DMPs working group and member of a number of Interest Groups.

Isabelle Perseil

Isabelle Perseil is a PhD and a computer engineer, has taught UML at Ecole Centrale de Paris for 15 years.

Dr. Pilvi Torsti



Sarah Jones, GÉANT

Sarah has worked in the field of Open Science and Research Data Management for the past decade.

Andreas Veispak

Andreas Veispak, an Estonian, started his professional career at PricewaterhouseCoopers, working on numerous projects across different sectors of the economy. He joined the European Commission in 2005 where dealt with the automotive industry and was responsible for questions related to industrial competitiveness, energy and the environment.

Andrea Ferretti

Andrea Ferretti (CNR-NANO) got a master degree in Materials Engineering and a PhD in Physics at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia under the supervision of Elisa Molinari. In 2009-2011 he spent a joint postdoctoral appointment at MIT (MA,USA) and University of Oxford (UK) in the group of  Nicola Marzari. Since 2011 he is researcher at CNR-NANO (permanent since 2012).


Bianca Amaro, PhD

Coordinator of the Brazilian Open Sciences Program at the Brazilian Institute of Information on Science and Technology.

Rossella Aversa

I got a Ph.D. in Astrophysics at the International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA-ISAS) in Trieste (Italy) in 2015.

Stephanie Russo Carroll (Rainie)

In this month’s Member Spotlight, we are featuring Dr. Stephanie Russo Carroll (Rainie), an Ahtna woman from Alaska and a Citizen of the Native Village of Kluti-Kaah.

Claire Austin: My experience as a participant in the RDA-COVID19-WG

"I led the RDA-COVID19 Data sharing in epidemiology WG, and the RDA-COVID19 Zotero Library WG. This rapidly turned into a full-time plus endeavour. I would like to express my profound gratitude to the Government of Canada, the Department of the Environment, and especially to my manager, Lindsay Copland for granting me the opportunity to devote my time to this undertaking by limiting my work in the Department to only the most essential activities. I am deeply indebted to my colleagues on the WG, and to the leadership of RDA’s Secretary General Hilary Hanahoe, without whom none of this would have happened."

Rob Quick

I am the Associate Director of the Cyberinfrastructure Integration Research Center which is part of the Pervasive Technology Institute.

Dr Cathy Foley, Chief Scientist of CSIRO

Dr Cathy Foley is Chief Scientist of CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency and innovation catalyst. CSIRO solves the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology.

Christine Kirkpatrick, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Christine Kirkpatrick oversees the San Diego Supercomputer Center’s (SDSC) Research Data Services division, which manages infrastructure, networking, and services for research projects of regional and national scope.

Tuuli Toivonen

Tuuli Toivonen is an associate professor of geography and geoinformatics at the University of Helsinki.

Karen Breitman, Rio Tinto Group

Karin joined TAB in October 2020.

Shahira Khair

Shahira Khair is a Data Curation Librarian with the University of Victoria Libraries, where she supports students and researchers in improving their d

Patricia Herterich, Digital Curation Centre

Patricia Herterich is a Research Data Specialist at the Digital Curation Centre at the University of Edinburgh. Before joining the DCC, she was the Research Repository Advisor at the University of Birmingham and has previously worked as a data librarian at CERN’s Scientific Information Service working closely with software developers to deliver data and code sharing solutions.

Frankie Stevens

Dr Frankie Stevens is a consultant in eResearch services, specialising in the application of advanced information and communication technologies to the practice of Research.

Dimitris Koureas

Dimitris is Chief Information Officer at Naturalis Biodiversity Center and executive director of the Distributed System of Scientific Collections (DiSSCo) European Research Infrastructure.

Jens Klump

Jens is the Geoscience Analytics Team Leader in the Mineral Resources unit of CSIRO. His research revolves around the application of machine learning and digital tools, such as mobile apps and cloud computing, for use in mineral exploration and other geology-related research domains.

TAB Member Spotlight: Martina Stockhause

Martina Stockhause is a Senior Data Manager at the German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ).

Aaron Addison

RDA OAB Member

Aaron Addison is the Director of Data & GIS Services at Washington University in St. Louis. His team supports faculty, students and staff on a wide variety of research, data analytics, and visualization. His interests focus on digital data collection, storage and long term distribution.

Marcela Alfaro Córdoba, School of Statistics, University of Costa Rica (UCR)

Assistant Professor of Statistics at the School of Statistics at the University of Costa Rica

Marcela Alfaro Córdoba is the Assistant Professor of Statistics at the School of Statistics at the University of Costa Rica (UCR).  She earned her PhD in Statistics from the North Carolina State University in 2017. UCR is the oldest and largest institution of higher learning in Costa Rica, and considered the most important research university in the country and Central America.

Bridget Almas

RDA TAB member

In her current role at Tufts University, Bridget is the lead software developer and architect for the Perseus Digital Library. In this role, she has represented and contributed on behalf of the Perseus Digital Library on several multi-institution projects, including the Bamboo Project funded by the Mellon Foundation, the Libraries and the Transformation of the Humanities funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Giuseppe Attardi

Full professor at the University of Pisa

Full professor at the University of Pisa

Fran Berman

RDA Council Co-Chair

Dr. Francine Berman is the Hamilton Distinguished Professor in Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is a Fellow of the ACM and the IEEE. In 2009, Berman was the inaugural recipient of the ACM/IEEE-CS Ken Kennedy Award for “influential leadership in the design, development, and deployment of national-scale cyberinfrastructure.”

Juan Bicarregui

RDA OAB member - RDA OAB Co-Chair

Juan Bicarregui is Head of the Data Services division in the Scientific Computing Department at STFC. His division has responsibility for research and development of the data systems which handle much of the huge volume of scientific data which is produced by the STFC research facilities.

Jan Brase

RDA OAB Member

Jan Brase has a degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science. He is Executive officer of DataCite a global consortium for enabling data citation. He is furthermore chair of the International DOI Foundation (IDF), President of the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) and Co-Chair of the CODATA Task group on Data Citation.

Elena Bravo

Senior researcher at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (National Health Institute, ISS) in Rome.

Elena Bravo is Senior researcher at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (National Health Institute, ISS) in Rome.

Claudio Cacciari

CINECA's middleware group


Paola Carrara

Researcher at the Italian National Research Council (CNR


Nancy Carter

RDA OAB Member

Nancy joined CANARIE in 1997 as a financial analyst and has filled the role of Chief Financial Officer since April 2007. In her role as CFO, Nancy is responsible for the overall accountability of the organization, which includes the administration of CANARIE’s funding.

Vittore Casarosa

Senior Research Associate at CNR-ISTI


Vittore Casarosa graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University of Pisa. After a few years as a CNR researcher, he has spent many years in the R&D laboratories of IBM in Italy, France and in the US, doing and managing research in image processing, data bases and networking.

Donatella Castelli

National Research Council of Italy-Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie della Informazione, “A. Faedo”


Donatella Castelli is a Senior Researcher working at the National Research Council of Italy (CNR).

Wenbo Chu

RDA TAB member

Wenbo Chu is a Deputy Director at the National Science and Technology Infrastructure Center of China and has been managing Data Sharing Working Group (DSWG) of Group on Earth Observations (GEO) since December 2013

Patrick Cocquet

RDA Council member - RDA OAB member

Dr. Patrick Cocquet is the chief executive officer of Cap Digital cluster, a structure that gathers more than 650 innovative companies and more than 50 research and education organisms, working in digital economy fields.

Simon J D Cox

RDA TAB member

Simon Cox is a Senior Principal Research Scientist in CSIRO Land and Water, based in Melbourne, working on a variety of projects across environmental informatics and spatial data systems.He is trained in geophysics, with a PhD from Columbia following degrees from Cambridge and Imperial College London.

Kheeran Dharmawardena: My experience as a participant in the RDA COVID-19 Working Group

Principal Consultant at Cytrax Consulting, Australia

"I was one of the moderators for the Community Participation theme. The Community Participation theme guidelines and recommendations were written to support the work by the communities who are collecting, curating and sharing data with the goal of improving research outputs and public knowledge. I'm also part of the working group looking at developing a navigation and visualisation tool to make it easier to find relevant information and recommendations quickly, without needing to read through the entire 124-page document."

Stephen Diggs

RDA TAB member

Stephen currently manages the Hydrographic Data Group at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), and has spent the majority the past four decades at SIO dealing with data associated numerous US and international marine observing systems.

Ingrid Dillo

RDA TAB member

Ingrid Dillo is Deputy Director at the Dutch Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS). Over the last twenty-five years she has mainly been active in the field of policy development with particular interest in research data management and the certification of digital repositories.

Faisal M. Fadlelmola

Dr. Faisal Mohamed Fadlelmola is an Associate Professor who has extensive regional and International academic and research experiences in cancer genomics, bioinformatics and Information Technology.

Peter Fox

RDA TAB member

Peter Fox is Tetherless World Constellation Chair and Professor of Earth and Environmental Science and Computer Science and Director of the Information Technology and Web Science Program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He holds B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Monash University.

Fabrizio Gagliardi

RDA OAB Member

Fabrizio Gagliardi is an independent consultant and Chair of ACM Europe. Prior to this he was Europe, Middle East and Africa Director for External Research at Microsoft Research Corporation.

Paola Gargiulo

OA projects coordinator, Cineca and NOAD- Italy- OpenAIRE project

Paola Gragiulo works at CINECA, she is currently involved in several projects related to the dissemination of knowledge through the implementation of alternative models of production and distribution of scholarly publications.


She is also active in coordinating and promoting advocacy and training activities on research data management in Italy.

Françoise Genova

RDA TAB member

Director, Strasbourg Astronomical Data Centre CDS 

Fosca Giannotti

Director of Research, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Laboratory, KDD LAB, CNR-ISTI


Elena Giglia

Head of the Open Access Office at the University of Turin


Elena Giglia is Head of the Open Access Office at the University of Turin. She is a member of the “Open Access working group” at CRUI (Conference of Italian Universities Rectors) and of AISA, Italian Association for Open Science.


Valerio Grossi

Research fellow at the Department of Computer Science, University of Pisa


Valerio Grossi holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pisa and he is currently a research fellow at the Department of Computer Science, University of Pisa. He has been a researcher at Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics, University of Padova.


Laurel L. Haak

RDA OAB Member

Laurel L. Haak (Laure), PhD, is the Executive Director of ORCID, a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to connecting research and researchers by providing a registry of unique and persistent personal identifiers. Dr. Haak completed her PhD in neuroscience at Stanford University Medical School, and conducted postdoctoral research at the US National Institutes of Health.

Natalie Harrower, Director of DRI, about her experience as co-chair of the RDA COVID19 WG

Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland

"I had a strong desire to contribute in some way to the global response. The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI), where I am Director, had released a statement about how, as a digital archive for HSS data, we intended to support preservation and access to COVID-19 related data, to fast track data deposit, and support to members in our areas of expertise. As a team we also started pursuing a number of small projects to contribute our resources and skills in ways we could identify. The staff at DRI were similarly charged - everyone wanted to contribute in whatever way their skills allowed - so we fed off one another. I am very lucky to work with such an engaged team!"

Tony Hey

RDA Council member

Tony Hey Senior Data Science Fellow, eScience Institute, University of Washington, former Vice President of Microsoft Research and former Head of the UK e-Science Programme – RDA Council
As former Vice President of Microsoft Research, Tony Hey was responsible for collaborative university science research engagements collaborations with Microsoft researchers.

Jakob Povl Holck, University Library of Southern Denmark

Research Librarian

Congratulations to Jakob, RDA's 10,000th Member!

Andrew Janke, University of Sydney

Associate Director, Research Technology, University of Sydney

Dr Andrew Janke is Associate Director, Research Technology at the University of Sydney

Nick Jones

RDA OAB Member

Nick is the Director of the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure, a NZ research sector investment into research computing capability and infrastructure platforms supporting research and innovation. Nick has managed and led a diverse portfolio of projects to deliver capability and infrastructures, including in eScience, high performance computing, grid computing, federated identity management, storage network design and simulation, e-learning and assessment systems development.

Sarah Jones, Digital Curation Centre

Associate Director at the Digital Curation Centre (DCC)

Sarah is a familiar face at RDA, having attended 7 of the last 12 plenaries. The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) has been involved from the outset and was one of the first organisational members. Its focus is on building capability and skills for digital curation and research data management. As such, the RDA is a key vehicle for connecting with the wider international community and collaborating on shared solutions. DCC outputs such as the disciplinary metadata standards catalogue have acted as inputs to RDA work, and have been enriched and made sustainable via the international collaboration.  

Stefanie Kethers

RDA Secretariat member

Dr rer. nat. Stefanie Kethers is a Senior Business Analyst at the Australian Research Data Commons and the Director of Operations of the RDA. Previously, she worked as a researcher for Monash University and CSIRO in Australia, and Aachen University of Technology, Germany. Stefanie’s background is in Computer Science, with a focus on business process modelling.

Stefan Kramer

RDA OAB Member

Stefan became the Research Data Librarian at American U. in August of 2013. In this new position, he serves in a leadership role in developing a comprehensive data management program in support of American University Library’s research data management enterprise; and, in collaboration with other units at the university, to develop a campus-wide data program to assist in managing, describing, preserving and making research data available and accessible to appropriate audiences.

Giovanni L’Abate


When: Day 2, 15th November, Session 8: DMP Technical Services #Part 1, 10:30 - 11:30

Leif Laaksonen

RDA OAB member

Dr. Leif Laaksonen is Director at CSC. He joined CSC in 1985 and was previously Development Manager. Leif is the project coordinator of RDA Europe and has contributed to the startup of FP7 projects PRACE, EGI_DS (European Grid Initiative Design Study) and was the coordinator for the e-IRGSP2 (e-Infrastructure Reflection Group Support Programme 2) project.

Larry Lannom

RDA TAB & OAB member

Larry Lannom is Director of Information Services and Vice President at the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), where he works with organizations in both the public and private sectors to develop experimental and pilot applications of advanced networking and information management technologies. Larry is a member of the RDA OAB.

Minh Lê Role

RDA OAB Member

Minh Lê has 20 years experience in the consumer electronic industry and is involved in Internet of things for the last 10 years, either in startups or in medium companies such as LaCie or Withings. He is now Marketing Director and co founder at Qivivo.

Damien Lecarpentier

RDA OAB Member

Damien Lecarpentier is a Director at CSC, the Finnish IT Center for Science, and currently manages the EUDAT initiative (www.eudat.eu) which aims to build a pan-European sustainable, cross-disciplinary and cross-national data infrastructure providing a set of shared services to access and preserve research data

Steve MacFeely

Dr. Steve MacFeely is the Head of Statistics and Information at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Devika Madalli

Dr. Devika P.

Andrea Manieri

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa

Bill Michener

RDA TAB member

Bill Michener is Professor and Director of e-Science Initiatives at the University of New Mexico’s University Libraries. He serves as Project Director for two large National Science Foundation supported projects: Data Observation Network for Earth (DataONE) and the New Mexico Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research.

Mustapha Mokrane

RDA OAB Member

Mustapha Mokrane is the first Executive Director of the ICSU-WDS International Programme Offices Since March 2012. He worked previously at the International Council for Science (ICSU) as Science and Information Technology Officer coordinating ICSU's Scientific Data and Information activities and liaising with its partners. He was also responsible for the information technology related activities.

Lucia Mona

Researcher at the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR).

Dr. Lucia Mona is a researcher at the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR).

Peter Neish (University of Melbourne)

Research data curator at the University of Melbourne

Peter works as the research data curator at the University of Melbourne where he helps researchers with data management and promote the benefits of open science. He joined RDA about 4 years ago and realised immediately that the work going on was extremely relevant and valuable - contributing to a global effort minimised duplication while increasing efficiencies. Peter has been a co-chair of the DMP Common Standards Working Group for the last 18 months and has been working with the co-chairs on modelling Data Management Plans (DMPs) to help make them machine actionable. The emphasis of DMPs in Australia is slightly different to Europe and the US, so it was important that this was taken into account when developing the DMP model and standards.

Franco Niccolucci

Coordinator of the EU infrastructure projects ARIADNE and PARTHENOS


Tom Orrell

Tom is an experienced advocate whose expertise lies in the links between digital and data policy, sustainable development and human rights.

Pasquale Pagano

Senior Researcher at the Italian National Research Council (CNR-ISTI)


Carole Palmer

RDA TAB member

Carole Palmer is a full Professor in the Information School at the University of Washington. Her work is aimed at advancing data services and collections to meet the emerging needs of research communities. As a researcher, she investigates socio-cultural and technical factors in the production, sharing, and use of research data, for optimizing reuse value and access to cross-disciplinary data resources. As an educator, she has been a leader in professional workforce development in data curation for nearly a decade, recognized in 2013 with the Information Science Teacher of the Year Award from the Association for Information Science & Technology.

Mark Parsons

RDA Secretary General

Mark Parsons is the first Secretary General of the Research Data Alliance (RDA). He focusses on stewarding research data and making them more accessible and useful across different ways of knowing.

Brian Pickering, Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton

Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton

Brian Pickering is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, UK, and was invited to act as co-moderator RDA-COVID19-Legal-Ethical WG and as a contributor in the Social Sciences subgroup. In this interview he tells us about his experience.

Priyanka Pillai: My experience as a participant in the RDA-COVID19 Working Group

Researcher at the University of Melbourne, Australia

"I submitted an abstract titled “Value of making data F.A.I.R. to respond to infectious disease emergencies,” hoping that, if accepted, the session would lead to setting up a special interest group or a working group. My abstract was accepted for a session at the March RDA 15th Plenary Meeting in Melbourne. I had no idea how topical my abstract would become when I submitted it"

Peter Pissierssens

RDA OAB Member

Peter Pissierssens is Head of the UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE (International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange), Oostende, Belgium and IODE Programme Coordinator. With a background in Marine Ecology Peter has been involved in coordination of oceanographic data and information management and exchange for nearly 25 years.

Beth Plale

ex-RDA TAB Co-Chair

Beth Plale is a full Professor in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University. She has broad research and governance interest in long-term preservation and access to scientific data, and enabling computational access to large-scale data for broader groups of researchers. Her specific research interests are in tools for metadata and provenance capture, data repositories, cyberinfrastructure for large-scale data analysis, and workflow systems.

Helen Kay Raseroka

RDA Council member

Dr Helen Kay Raseroka is currently a member of the Board of trustees of INASP, the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications(http://www.inasp.info). She is a citizen of Botswana and has worked in the library and information service sector for over two decades. She contributed to the development of the University of Botswana Library and Information Services through the leadership position assumed in 1981.

Andreas Rauber

Associate Professor at the Department of Software Technology and Interactive Systems (ifs) at the Vienna University of Technology (TU-Wien).

Associate Professor at the Department of Software Technology and Interactive Systems (ifs) at the Vienna University of Technology (TU-Wien).

Susan Reilly

Executive Director of LIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries

Susan Reilly is the Executive Director of LIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries.

Antonio Rosato

Associate Professor at the University of Florence


Antonio Rosato, born in 1971, received his PhD in Chemistry in 1998 at the University of Florence. He is Associate Professor at the University of Florence since 2002. Metalloproteins are the main focus of his research activities.

Keith Russell, Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)

Manager of Engagements at the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)

Manager of Engagements at the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), Keith Russell is a long-time active member of RDA, currently co-chair of the FAIR Data Maturity Model Working Group and the Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions Interest Group.

Leonardo Sacconi

Researcher at the National Institute of Optics in Florence, Italy


Davide Salomoni

Director of Technology at the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)

Davide Salomoni is Director of Technology (Dirigente Tecnologo) at the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN). He has more than 25 years of international experience in both private and public environments related to distributed computing and communication technologies.

Susanna-Assunta Sansone

RDA TAB member

Susanna-Assunta Sansone is Associate Director and Principal Investigator at the University of Oxford e-Research Centre and a Consultant at Nature Publishing Group (NPG). For the last thirteen years, her research interests and activities have centered on the capture, management and curation of biological, biomedical and health sciences data; ensuring value is not lost and facilitating the interpretation and the corroboration of results, making for more efficient practice.

Alessandro Sarretta

Researcher at the CNR-ISMAR


Alessandro Sarretta has a Master Degree and a PhD in Environmental Science (Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy) and a post graduate master in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing (IUAV, Venice, Italy).

Erik Schultes

FAIR Data Scientific Projects Lead at the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences


Erik Schultes is FAIR Data Scientific Projects Lead at the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences and at the Human Genetics Department at the LUMC. Erik’s research interests focus on mapping the growth of biomedical knowledge and the development of tools that help biologists create, find, access, annotate, and share biomedical data.


Satoshi Sekiguchi

RDA Council Member

Dr. Satoshi Sekiguchi served as the founding director of Grid Technology Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in 2002-2008, the Director of Information Technology Research Institute, AIST in 2008-2012, currently the Deputy Director-General of the Directorate for Information Technology and Electronics. He is a member of Science Council Japan, IEEE CS and ACM, and IPSJ fellow.

Jamie Shiers

RDA OAB member and ex-TAB member

Jamie Shiers has been involved in Large-Scale Data Management, Object and Relational Database systems and services, distributed application design, implementation and support, operations and services for many years. Recently, he led the effort to harden the worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) services that helped scientists to turn data into discoveries in record time, using petascale distributed resources.

Gianmaria Silvello

Associate professor/researcher at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padua

Gianmaria Silvello is associate professor/researcher at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padua.

Eefke Smit

RDA OAB Member

Eefke Smit is the Director of Standards and Technology of the International Association of STM Publishers (see www.stm-assoc.org ) and coordinates for STM members the activities in the areas of technology developments, standards, research data, text and data mining and digital preservation.

Michael Stanton

RDA Council member

Dr Michael Stanton is Director of Research and Development at RNP, which has provided comunication and information services to the Brazilian research and education sectors since 1992.

Herman Stehouwer

RDA Secretariat member

Dr.ir. Herman Stehouwer has a background in computer science and computational linguistics. At the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics he has been responsible for the technical aspects of the CLARIN search infrastructure for CLARIN-D as well as having the responsibility for a number of TLA software projects (such as the VLO).

Walter Stewart

RDA OAB member - RDA OAB Co-Chair

Walter Stewart has more than thirty-five year’s of success as a teacher, administrator, facilitator, coach, and leader in the private sector, the not-for-profit sector, and in education. Walter is a member of RDA OAB and is also a compelling and provocative speaker and writer, and is sought out for his expertise and participation across North America and Europe.

Rainer Stotzka

RDA TAB member

Dr. Rainer Stotzka studied technical cybernetics in Stuttgart and received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from the University of Mannheim, Germany, in 1995. At Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute for Data Processing and Electronics, he leads the department “Software Methods” and a software development group “Big Data”.

Julia Stoyanovich

Julia Stoyanovich is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Tandon School of Engineering, and the Center for Data Science at New York University.  She is a recipient of an NSF CARE

Anna Maria Tammaro

Chair IFLA Section Library Theory and Research, Director of UNIPR CoLab Scientific Committee, Italy

Anna Maria Tammaro is teaching at the International Master in Digital Library Learning (DILL), joint international Master of Tallinn University and University of Parma. She is the Chair of the IFLA Section Library Theory and Research (LTR) and President of the Scientific Committee of the UNIPR CoLab Centre.

Constantino Thanos

Research director currently affiliated to ISTI


He has served as:”

Andrew Treloar

RDA TAB Co-Chair

Dr Andrew Treloar is the Director of Technology for the Australian National Data Service (ANDS). Further details at http://andrew.treloar.net/ or follow him on Twitter as @atreloar.

Doris Wedlich

RDA Council member

Doris Wedlich is the chief science officer (CSO) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) responsible for research programs in biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, astroparticle and elementary particle physics, topics that depend on optimal and efficient large-scale data analysis and management.

Dame Wendy Hall

OAB Member

Dame Wendy Hall, DBE, FRS, FREng is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton, and is the Executive Director of the Web Science Institute. She was Dean of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering from 2010-2014. One of the first computer scientists to undertake serious research in multimedia and hypermedia, she has been at its forefront ever since. The influence of her work has been significant in many areas including digital libraries, the development of the Semantic Web, and the emerging research discipline of Web Science. Her current research includes applications of the Semantic Web and exploring the interface between the life sciences and the physical sciences.

Ross Wilkinson

RDA Council Member

Dr. Ross Wilkinson is the executive director of the Australian National Data Service,dedicated to enabling more researchers re-use data more often. His research career commenced with his Ph. D. in mathematics at Monash University before researching in computer science at La TrobeUniversity, R.M.I.T. and at CSIRO.

Michael Witt

RDA OAB Member

Michael Witt is an associate professor of library science and the head of the Distributed Data Curation Center (D2C2) at the Purdue University Libraries. The D2C2 focuses on the extension of library services, practices, standards, and tools as well as the application of library science principles to research data curation.

Peter Wittenburg

RDA TAB member

In 2011 Peter Wittenburg became the head of the new unit called The Language Archive that was built as a collaboration between Max-Planck-Society, Berlin-Brandenburg-Academy of Sciences and the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences.

Malcolm Wolski

RDA OAB Member

Malcolm Wolski is the Director, eResearch Services and Scholarly Application Development, Information Services at Griffith University. He has particular responsibility for improving research data management practices, infrastructure, and collaborative solutions. Malcolm is a contributor nationally and internationally in the areas of information management and research data support.

John Wood

RDA Council Co-Chair

Professor John Wood CBE, FREng is the Secretary-General of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and and High Level Expert Group on Scientific Data Information Chair & European Research Area Board Chair.

Carlo Maria Zwölf (EU - VADMC)

Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC)

Carlo Maria Zwölf is part of the Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC), a consortium of institutes supported by the European Union (EU) that have agreed to build a common infrastructure for sharing atomic and molecular data. The consortium was launched in 2014, with Zwölf being elected director. Coordinating with the EU to address data citation challenges was one of the Centre’s initial objectives.