RDA Council

The Council maintains the vision of RDA, ensuring the guiding principles of the organisation are maintained, and formally endorses RDA Working and Interest Groups and Recommendations.

The Council is responsible for the overall oversight, success, strategy, and sustainability of the RDA. The powers and authority of the Council are described in the RDA Governance Document. Details of the processes governing Council membership and responsibilities are described in the Organisational and Process Plan Document.

Council Members also serve as Trustees for the RDA Foundation, an official Charity registered in England and Wales under Company Number 9021881. Details are described in the Foundation’s Articles of Association.


Council Members are nominated by a Nomination Committee and approved by the general RDA membership as described in the Organisational and Process Plan Document.

Council Members serve three-year terms and may be reelected. Two co-chairs serve offset two-year terms.

Fran Berman

Co-Chair, RDA Council; Chair, RDA/US
Professor of Computer Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
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Satoshi Sekiguchi

Deputy Director General, Directorate for Information Technology and Electronics, AIST

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Sandra Collins

Director, National Library of Ireland
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Michael Stanton

Director of Research and Development at the Brazilian NREN (RNP)
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Edit Herczog

Managing Director, Vision & Values SPRL
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Doris Wedlich 

Chief Science Officer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
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Jean Bernard Minster

Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
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Ross Wilkinson

Executive Director, Australian National Data Service
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Kay Raseroka

Independent consultant and Trainer, IFLA Building Strong Library Associations
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The Council meets three times per year—twice during or before RDA Plenaries and once between Plenaries, typically in May. Minutes of the meetings are available below:


The Council has established several subcommittees to assist in Council business and to advise Council in important areas. Subcommittees members are appointed by Council and may include members outside of the official Council.