RDA Council Candidates 2022

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05 April 2022 4182 reads

In February 2022, the RDA Council Nominations Committee issued a call for nominations for three open Council positions. In response to this call, several RDA members were nominated for consideration by the RDA community. The Nominations Committee reviewed these submissions and are pleased to announce the slate of candidates to the RDA community.

The slate meets the criteria as detailed in the Council Nominations Committee Selection Process and Guidelines and should be approved by the RDA membership. This approval occurs through a formal election process that opens on Thursday 07 April (00:01 UTC) and ends Thursday 21 April (23:59 UTC), where all members will be asked to either accept or reject the appointment of this slate of candidates.  Results will be determined by a simple majority vote. 

If approved, these candidates will join Council to serve a three-year term. For more information on the role of the RDA Council, visit https://www.rd-alliance.org/about-rda/our-leadership/rda-council.html



RDA Council Candidates - Slate 2022

Jill Benn (Nominated for 2nd term)

University Librarian, University of Western Australia (UWA)

Jill Benn has over 20 years’ experience in higher education and is currently the University Librarian at the University of Western Australia (UWA), a research-intensive institution ranked in the top 1% of universities globally. In this role Jill leads 80 library staff who successfully deliver a range of research, teaching and learning services to 1,500 academic staff and 25,000 students. She is committed to excellence in higher education which is recognised through Principal Fellowship of Advance Higher Education (UK).  Jill is very proud of her Indigenous heritage, as a descendant of the Noongar Ballardong people in Western Australia.  She is highly engaged professionally, and in addition to the RDA, is actively involved in a range of national and international bodies of relevance to research data and research data organisations.

Jill is tireless in her commitment to excellence and outcomes. She is a delight to work with, always positive, and she always leads through the practice of high ethical skills and deep personal consideration of her stakeholders. It is difficult for me to imagine anyone better equipped to provide the RDA Council with the commitment, strategic vision, and personal and management skills to achieve the outcomes of the Research Data Alliance.


Dina Paltoo

Assistant Director, Scientific Strategy and Innovation, NIH

Dina Paltoo currently serves as Chief Advisor (to the Director, NHLBI) and Assistant Director for Scientific Strategy and Innovation at NHLBI, one of the largest institutes at NIH.  She provides leadership and strategic direction to complex scientific initiatives and programs related to the NHLBI mission and NIH.  She is an integral part of the NHLBI Executive Team working collaboratively to carry out all responsibilities in strategic support of the Director.  She leads a team of staff, including the Chief of Staff, to catalyze scientific programs and initiatives, engage leaders and employees through authentic and sound communications, ensuring operational excellence.  She serves as a key member and coordinator of the Director’s Executive Leadership Team and provides technical leadership and strategic direction to scientific research on complex scientific topics and ongoing initiatives, including data science and related activities for NIH.

An outstanding and brilliant individual with keen insight and incisive calmness who represents her work and herself with clarity and grace, Dr. Dina Paltoo embodies the qualifications needed as an RDA Council member.


Lee Wilson

Director of RDM, Digital Research Alliance of Canada

Lee Wilson is the incoming Director of RDM at the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (‘the Alliance’). He has served as Manager of RDM Platforms and Services for the past six years, both under CARL Portage1 and now the Alliance. The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (‘the Alliance’) is a new, national not-for-profit organization created by the Federal Government of Canada to coordinate and fund activities in the advanced research computing (ARC), research data management and research software (RS) components of the Digital Research Infrastructure strategy, working collaboratively with all stakeholders across the country. As both the incoming Director for RDM and current Manager for RDM Platforms and Services at the Alliance, Lee Wilson works collaboratively with partners to develop and deliver national-scale tools, platforms, and services to support the RDM needs of researchers in Canada.

Lee wonderfully combines technical knowledge with strategic vision, and has the ability to combine and communicate these effectively -- something I have appreciated immensely and that I know would be valuable for the RDA.

For more information on the Selection Process, refer to the Council Nominations Committee Selection Process and Guidelines.

For more information on the role of RDA’s Council, visit https://www.rd-alliance.org/about-rda/our-leadership/rda-council.html.