23 Things Revisited Field Guides to Research Data Management

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22 September 2020 2098 reads

Following a successful application to the RDA Europe 4.0 open call for Adoption Grants, the Dutch National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) started its work to tailor the 23 Things to the Dutch research community, as well as producing audience-specific versions of the 23 Things. In its role as the coordination point for those involved in research data management in the Netherlands, an LCRDM task group set up specifically for this project chose the 23 Things output due to its non-technical focus and for its potential to be extended to more specific domains. Dividing their work into four distinct phases, the task group published the intended aims for the project, along with a deliverable for each phase. In addition, the group also provided a brief overview of each of the four phases.

These consisted of:

  1. Creating a Dutch nationwide commitment
  2. Adjusting the 23 Things
  3. Getting the 23 Things adopted
  4. Dissemination of experiences and final versions

An update on the 4 phases above was given in this blog, linking to its working documents accessible in ZENODO. 

During the the RDA Global Adoption week the Mijke Jetten (LRCD) and Cees van Hof (DANS) presented the 23 Things Revisited Field Guides to Research Data Management Adoption Story. Slides are available here, watch the recordings:



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RDA Europe 4.0 adoption project
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