2020 Technical Advisory Board Election: Meet the Candidates!

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27 October 2020 720 reads

RDA is pleased to announce the candidates nominated for the 2020 Technical Advisory Board (TAB) election. For members not familiar with TAB, this RDA governance group provides technical expertise and advice to RDA Council, and assists in the development, review and promotion of RDA Working & Interest Groups.

For this election, five seats on TAB are open and the following individuals are candidates. Voting is now open, closing on 23 November 2020 (two weeks later). All RDA members are eligible and encouraged to vote.

TAB elections are subject to balancing criteria in order to ensure diversity across the criteria. For full information on the TAB election process and the balancing criteria, please visit see the TAB Responsibilities and Processes document (PDF).

Congratulations to the following 2020 candidates (listed by geographical region and are otherwise listed in alphabetical order of their surnames):


Dr Karin Breitman
Rio Tinto
Region: Americas
Discipline: Engineering and Technology

Ms Gretchen Greene
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Region: Americas
Discipline: Natural Sciences

Ms Juliane Schneider
Sage Bionetworks
Region: Americas
Discipline: Medical and Health Sciences

Dr Mingfang Wu
Australian Research Data Commons  
Region: Asia and Oceania   
Discipline: Engineering and Technology

Dr Rossella Aversa
Region: Europe and Africa
Discipline: Engineering and Technology

Prof. Jesus Carretero
University Carlos III of Madrid
Region: Europe and Africa
Discipline: Engineering and Technology

Ms Sarah Jones
Region: Europe and Africa
Discipline: Humanities

Dr João Rocha da Silva
Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto / INESC TEC
Region: Europe and Africa
Discipline: Engineering and Technology

All RDA members are encouraged to review the "Candidate Details" page and set some time aside next month to cast your vote when online voting opens.

For more information on the roles of TAB, please visit “TAB: What We Do and How We Do It”.