1st Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CORDI) Call for Papers

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1st Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CORDI) Call for Papers
30 Mar 2023

1st Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CORDI) Call for Papers

The Association for German National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) is organising the first Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CoRDI) from 12th to 14th September 2023. The main topics of the conference include technical and non-technical aspects for establishing interdisciplinary research data management (RDM).

The event comprises both disciplinary and cross-disciplinary tracks. The organisers encourage submissions from national, European and global initiatives and programmes, including, but not limited to: NFDI, EOSC, ESFRI, RDA, ReSA, Australian Data Commons, NIH Biocommons, NIST etc.

The disciplinary tracks address infrastructure aspects relevant to individual disciplines:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Engineering

The cross-disciplinary tracks address more specific topics regarding the delivery of RDM infrastructure:

  • Enabling RDM: The aim of the contributions in this track is to develop infrastructure and software components that can be used by the entire community and ensure interoperability so that network effects can be systematically exploited. This includes infrastructure for data analysis such as workflow platforms.
  • Harmonising RDM: This track is about (meta-)data, terminologies and provenance and how research data management can be harmonised on a broad basis across organisations and disciplines.
  • Securing RDM: This track addresses ethical, legal and social issues associated with collecting and working with research data.
  • Spreading RDM: The contributions to the track all deal with the multi-faceted topic of data literacy which plays a key role in solving current and future societal challenges and in understanding digital culture.
  • Linking RDM: This track focuses on how research data can be shared as freely and openly as possible between the domains of science, business and society, taking into account the interests of different stakeholders.
  • Connecting RDM: This track has a focus on how international and national Research Data Infrastructures can be synergistically connected with each other.

The Call for Papers is now open and the deadline for submission of extended abstracts of up to 1.000 words is April 21, 2023. Full details and deadlines available on CORDI Event web pages