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06 May 2019 1416 reads

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Finland is one of the Schengen states which means that most of the EU-citizens do not need a visa for entering the country. Even though you do not need a visa, you have to have a valid passport or some other travel document accepted by Finland. Please, check whether you need a visa and what travel documents are accepted: www.um.fi/visa-requirement-and-travel-documents-accepted-by-finland

If you need a visa for visiting Finland, you may apply for it from the nearest Finnish mission or visa center. More information on visas and application forms are available at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland:

If you need an official invitation letter to obtain a visa, please contact Ms. Birgit Holmberg (birgit.holmberg@aalto.fi), Executive Assistant to Vice president of Research at Aalto University, with the following information:

  • Name of traveler
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Title/position
  • Organization
  • Arrival and departure date