14th Plenary - Venue

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The Aalto University Campus welcomes the RDA Community!

The Aalto University Campus will be the venue for the 14th RDA Plenary.  

The campus is located in Otaniemi area in the city of Espoo. There is a metro station at the heart of the campus which makes it an easy to reach destination. Travel time from Helsinki to Otaniemi is only 10 minutes by metro. The plenary will take place in two buildings within three-minute walking distance of each other.

Dipoli, the main building of Aalto University, will be the main venue of the plenary. Some of the events will take place in the Undergraduate Center next to it. Both buildings are important landmarks of Finnish architecture.

Otakaari 24
01250 Espoo, Finland

Undergraduate Center
Otakaari 1
01250, Espoo Finland

How to reach the venue

From the airport:
Helsinki-Vantaa airport is located approximately 20 kilometres from Helsinki city center and Otaniemi, Espoo. The journey from the airport to both destinations takes ca. 30 minutes by taxi. There is also a direct train connection from the airport to Helsinki city center (ca. 50 min) and multiple bus connections from the airport to Otaniemi (ca. 1 h 10 min).

From Helsinki to the venue:
The journey from Helsinki city center to Otaniemi, Espoo takes only 10 minutes by metro. Hop off at the station “Aalto university” and exit the metro station by the exit A“ (“Otaniementie”) which is the most convenient one of the two exits.

Public transport:
We recommend Helsinki Regional Transport (HSL) app for buying tickets and planning a journey: www.hsl.fi/en/app
For more information on tickets and fares, see: www.hsl.fi/en/tickets-and-fares

Airport taxi: www.airporttaxi.fi/en/ (fixed prices)
Taxi dispatch center: www.lahitaksi.fi/en (Prices may vary between operators and depending on the current demand of taxis.)
Information on the deregulation of taxi market