14th Plenary - Poster Session

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30 April 2019 915 reads

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For poster participants, please bring your printed poster to the conference venue for the exhibition. Posters must be in vertical format with dimensions of 70cm x 100cm. You may choose to print your poster beforehand and carry it with you on your flight, or you can arrange to have it printed locally at one of the following locations:


Please note, we received a record number of excellent submissions for this Plenary, but unfortunately, we will not be able to display all of them each day of the meeting due to space limitations within the venue.  In an attempt to accommodate as many participants as possible, we have made the decision to showcase one batch of posters on Day 1 (this includes the evening reception) and a second batch of posters on Day 2 and 3.  Posters will be displayed prominently within the venue, with staff available to assist with setup.